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SORS Digital Assets and Black Manta Capital Partners enter a Strategic Partnership

Hong Kong / Dublin / Luxembourg / Berlin / Vienna – April 16, 2019 SORS Digital Assets Limited (the "Company" or "SORS") and Black Manta Capital Partners (“Black Manta” or “BMCP”), are pleased to announce that they entered into a cross Collaboration Agreement.

SORS, is an Asian & European digital assets consulting company that has strong customer demand to structure, create, issue and trade Security Token Offerings (“STO’s”) and other forms of digital securities. SORS is pleased to be partnered with Black Manta, as together the partnership can enable SORS customers to compliantly and efficiently issue digital securities in Europe. 

BMCP’S operating entity BMCP GmbH, Berlin has a license issued by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority ("BaFin") as a financial service institution in order to issue and manage STO’s in Germany. BaFin is a leading financial supervisory authority across Europe. BMCP has since then passported this license to several countries including the UK, Ireland, Luxembourg and Austria. BMCP’s licence allows regulated broker/dealer services for European securities including digital assets for international investors. 

The skillsets of SORS and Black Manta compliment each other. Our collaboration will enable investors and issuers to benefit from the power of blockchain technology to deliver practical results. Inexpensive, safe and hassle free - technically enabled platforms such as Black Manta are the way forward, features accentuated when compared to transitional paper based processes in the Covid / post Covid business environment”  said Founder of SORS, Brian Elders. 

“​Tokenization in the core financial field of securities will – for sure – bring paradigmatic change to the global financial markets. While Black Manta wants to be ‘boutique’ in its beginnings and run ‘handpicked’ STOs only, our strategy is global from day one: the first step is to link Europe and Asia on one blockchain-based investment platform. For this reason, we are excited to work with SORS who has already built a great global network of participants that can take advantage of our newly licensed platform,​” said BMCP’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner ​Alexander Rapatz​.

"The partnership between Black Manta and Sors Digital Assets will create tremendous value for projects that require advisory, structuring and distribution in addition to the regulatory, financial and technical substrate needed to bring liquidity type characteristics to traditionally illiquid asset classes; venture capital, private equity and real estate” said Co-Founder of SORS, Andrew Broad. 

Stephen Browne, COO & Co-Founder of SORS, remarking on the announcement; “Directing the efforts of this partnership with Black Manta to Asia will allow us to offer our clients a one stop solution for tokenized securities. We have seen so much in the marketplace that has been promised with STOs and has failed to deliver. SORS partnership with Black Manta fundamentally changes this”.

Jean-Luc Gustave, Partner & Managing Director of SORS said; “Although the security tokens and assets digitization markets are still in their infancy, we see a lot of interest from our clients, especially family offices, ultra high net worth clients and institutions who are more than ever on the look for diversification, especially in these uncertain times where their traditional assets classes and revenue generating portfolio are being questioned. Our global coverage and unique capacity to deliver value from inception to balance sheet while being strictly compliant will make a difference”.

I'm really excited to see how a partnership with Black Manta will transform and add value to the domain of video games, esports, and digital collectibles, all of which are growing massively and ripe for disruption”. said Joshua Galloway, Executive Director of Business Development at SORS. 

Joe Batchelor Partner at SORS & CIO of Satsuma Capital remarked; “We see this as a tangible step towards increasingly varied, practical DLT service offerings with the capacity to reach global audiences. We commend this partnership for being very eager for the broad future implementation of trusted digital-value accounting, particularly within location-free, enacted liquidity of real world smart contracts”.

ABOUT BLACK MANTA CAPITAL PARTNERS - Black Manta Capital Partners is a fully regulated and MiFID II compliant one-stop agency for all technical, financial, and legal aspects of Tokenization. With security tokens that grant equity, profit, and governance rights to investors, BMCP aims to set a global standard for Security Token Offerings. BMCP was founded in Luxembourg in 2018, runs the BMCP GmbH in Berlin, as licenced, regulated Financial Institute for STOs, the consulting entity in Vienna BMCP Consulting GmbH.

ABOUT SORS - SORS provides professional grade consulting services to the digital asset industry. Founded by a mix of bankers, lawyers and technologists, SORS provides a one-stop destination for companies, institutions and funds to take advantage of the benefits of asset tokenization. SORS operates from Hong Kong for Asia and from Ireland for Europe. 

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